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Can a Composable Hypervisor Re-Imagine Virtualization?

August 21, 2019 / Dan Meyer

Virtualization may still be a new concept for many, but it’s apparently been around long enough to need some re-imagining. Or at least according to Arjan van de Ven, a fellow at Intel and director for the firm’s Pathfinding and Advanced Technology, who touted the a composable hypervisor as being a possible re-imagining tool.“Virtualization is changing and what people need from virtualization is changing,” van de Ven said during a keynote address at this week’s North America Open Source Summit and Embedded Linux Conference in San Diego.Van de Ven explained that in talking with customers he has seen five areas emerge as needing re-imagining in order to support evolving virtualization plans. These include a platform that is lightweight; one that is fast; something that can support high density workloads; that has quick start up; and one that is secure. However, the degrees of those needs remains in flux.