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Cloud computing a great enabler for multiple sectors, Amazon Web Services official says

March 07, 2019 / Derek Prall

In Wednesday’s second keynote at IWCE 2019, Merritt Baer, principal security architect for global accounts at Amazon Web Services, addressed the future of cloud computing.Baer said that society is at an interesting point in history, noting that we have the opportunity now to build our futures, not only from a policy standpoint but from a security perspective.“Technology is going to interact with us in increasingly intimate ways,” Baer said. “[It will be at a] scale that we probably can’t contemplate right now, but we’re trying to imagine.”An element of this transformation will be a large-scale transition to cloud computing; however, Baer said there are some misconceptions about what this really means.“Moving to the cloud,” essentially is outsourcing the data-center operations from an enterprise’s IT infrastructure, Baer said. Years ago, an enterprise had to physically construct and manage server rooms, but that need has greatly diminished with the advent of could computing.Ultimately, ...