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Cloud Elements Simplifies API Consumption with Innovative 'API Virtualization'

July 12, 2019 / idevnews

Cloud Elements is looking to make it easier to consume and work with APIs -- and all their data behind them -- via an innovative approach to virtualization. Cloud Elements 3.0 virtualization allows APIs to work in uniform ways across hundreds of applications. It also puts a company’s data model at the center of their ecosystem, according to Mark Geene, Cloud Elements CEO and co-founder. The Cloud Elements platform use of virtualization aims to address two big challenges for today’s development teams, Geene said. Reducing the pain, cost, and complexity of integration, which sucks up developer time and distracts from product innovation; and Increasing market opportunity by enabling customers to quickly adopt new software that works with their existing applications, while enabling collaboration across their extended ecosystem of customers, prospects, partners and supply chains.