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Controller less Access Points Market is Driven By Advancements In Technologies Such As Virtualization

May 20, 2019 / NA

If a business grows, the employee strength and the number of clients also increase. This leads to more number of devices trying to connect to the company’s Wi-Fi network simultaneously. There exist three methods to manage multiple access points: controller-less access point clustering, direct access, and hardware-based control. The method of managing multiple controller-less access points is called clustering. In case of controller-less access points, when the user sets up and configures a single access point, all those settings are automatically pushed to other access points in the cluster. At the same time, if the user wants to make changes to access points, then user has to alter only one access point at a time and all changes are applied across all access points. In controller-less access points, one cluster of access points can allow guest access, while other clusters allow access for employees only.