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Data.world joins forces with Capsenta to bring knowledge graph

June 19, 2019 / eorge Anadiotis

Data.world has been expanding its footprint in the enterprise. The acqui-hiring of Capsenta complements its portfolio with knowledge graph virtualization to connect data in the cloud and on premise, and a UI to build knowledge graphs Data.world connects data and people. That was the gist of our coverage of data.world's release of its enterprise platform about a year ago. Data.world has been doing that with great success, and today it's bringing in Capsenta to take things to the next level. In a nutshell, data.world uses the superpowers of Knowledge Graph (aka Linked Data, aka Semantic Web) technology to integrate datasets and provide a data management and collaboration platform for the enterprise. Capsenta has patented technology that helps integrate data sources (predominantly relational) and make them accessible as knowledge graphs, be it on premises or in the cloud. The two companies have been working together for a while, and they match not just technologically, but also culturally...