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Digital Transformation Rx: Moving Health Care to the Cloud

January 31, 2019 / Joao-Pierre S. Ruth

As vital as healthcare is to everyone, it continues to be a challenge to move its data and related systems to the cloud. Among the hurdles that can stall such change are regulatory requirements meant to safeguard patient information. Legacy systems and dated methods can further slowdown efforts to bring about digital transformation.“Having worked at health [insurance] plans in the past, generally speaking their technology is not as modern as other industries,” says Mark Nathan, CEO of Zipari, which provides health insurers with data insights. It may be necessary to lay out the advantages as well as the safeguards that can protect data to convince healthcare entities to fully embrace the cloud. Health insurers and healthcare providers alike can be reluctant to change because of the federal mandates they face. Patient information is increasingly going digital, but moving that data from on-premise to the cloud can raise security compliance concerns.