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Edge Computing Wants Smarter IoT Devices

February 27, 2019 / Gary Hilson

The evolution of edge computing means that internet of things (IoT) devices need more smarts to make decisions rather just shipping data to be crunched to the cloud — this means that more memory is required without increasing its footprint.Adesto Technologies’ latest non-volatile memory (NVM) family is aimed at both consumer and industrial IoT devices that need to be able to do more than just ship data off to the cloud. Dubbed FusionHD, it’s an extension of the company Fusion family but with more intelligence at low power and increased density, said Paul Hill, senior marketing director for the company’s serial flash products group. The product line includes support for the new Serial Flash Reset Signaling Protocol (JESD252) and the latest version of the Serial Flash Discoverable Parameter (SFDP) standard (JESD216D) to make it easier for system designers to deliver smarter, more efficient, and more user-friendly devices.