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Exploring a data-centric approach to data privacy as cloud workloads proliferate

February 19, 2019 / James Bourne

If your organisation, like many others, is putting more and more data into the cloud, you will already know that it’s probably making your security team have kittens. Greater amounts of data being transported in real-time – not to mention the vastly increased number of mobile devices and attack vectors – means the chances for catastrophe have proliferated.A new study from data protection provider Virtru has looked at the steps for taking a ‘data-centric’ approach to data protection and privacy. The report, conducted by Forrester Research and which polled more than 200 director, VP and C-suite employees across security, risk and IT, argues organisations’ current IT priorities are conflicting – and that data protection is not high on the list.Almost half (46%) of those polled said that they were adopting a data-centric approach to data protection because they were putting more and more business data into the cloud. The same number said they were particularly concerned around protecting d...