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Fortinet Introduces Intent-Based Next-Gen Firewalls

February 06, 2019 / Carl Weinschenk

Fortinet today released a family of next-generation firewalls that feature intent-based segmentation. The company says that this approach provides organizations with a granular level of security control by matching functionality to specific use cases and business requirements.The four next-generation firewalls in the family are the FortiGate 3600E, the FortiGate 3400E, the FortiGate 600E and the FortiGate 400E.“The thing that’s new here is the support for the different types of segmentation,” ZK Research Principal Analyst Zeus Kerravala told SDxCentral. He said that next-generation firewalls long have been used for segmentation, mostly at the macro and occasionally endpoint levels. The Fortinet platform adds micro and application/process segmentation. This means that separate platforms are not necessary to perform these tasks.