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GDPR and beyond The past, present and future of data privacy

July 08, 2019 / NA

There is a GDPR framework,Venkatraman explained. You start by classifying data. Then you apply specific policies to ensure you protect and back up the personal data. And then you go about meeting the specific requirements.GDPR has changed the data game, putting security and privacy on the front page, as well as on the boardroom agenda. IDC research has shown that data protection is a key influencer in IT investment decisions, with companies asking, How do I become data driven without compromising on security and sovereignty and data locality? Venkatraman stated. Actifios copy data virtualization can help companies achieve that goal, giving them the potential for a successful future, according to Venkatraman. Companies are moving from protecting data centers to protecting centers of data,Venkatraman predicted. If Actifio can help organizations protect multiple centers of data through a unified pane of glass and have that platform approach to data management, then they can help organiz...