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Google Cloud Introduces New Storage Pricing Plan to Reduce Cloud Costs

March 06, 2019 / Daniel Hein

Yesterday, the Google Cloud team announced a new pricing plan for their cloud-based data storage product, Google Cloud Storage. The pricing plan, called the Storage Growth Plan, aims to reduce wasted cloud spend for enterprises. Google introduced the plan to help stabilize the cost of cloud storage in relation to the amount of data enterprises transfer to the cloud. They noted that the amount of data contained in cloud storage continues to grow at an unpredictable and potentially erratic rate. This creates problems for enterprises who rely on steady cloud cost projections to manage and operate. The Storage Growth Plan charges enterprises a fixed rate of at least $10,000 a month, which customers commit to spending for 12 months. Under the plan, Cloud Storage users can store data above their paid quota without additional charges. After 12 months, users can leave the plan while paying for data overages they incurred over the period. If they choose to renew the plan, their payment will adj...