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How CloudKnox Is Innovating Identity Authorization Security

March 15, 2019 / Sean Michael Kerner

Managing identity privileges across multi-cloud environments is not an easy task and is an area that is in need of innovation, according to Balaji Parimi, founder and CEO of CloudKnox Security.Parimi started CloudKnox in 2016 specifically focused on making it easier to manage identities across hybrid cloud environments in an increasingly fragmented market. The idea for CloudKnox was born out of a real operational problem he had at a previous employer, where he wasn't able to easily figure out all the privileged identities that the organization was using in the cloud. Not having visibility and control over privileged identities, represents a potentially unbounded risk for organizations, as those accounts have broad access and capabilities. The biggest risk that we see within any infrastructure are un-managed privileged identities," Parimi told eWEEK. "Privileged accounts have the ability to export data, without ringing the alarm of most the DLP (Data Loss Prevention) tools that out in t...