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How IoTium has found a key gap in the market for industrial automation and is planning for growth

March 12, 2019 / James Bourne

MWC19 IoTium, a provider of software for industrial automation, has had little short of a stunning 12 months. The company has been recognised by both the media – this publication recently named it in its top 25 IoT startups – and industry bodies with a listing in the prestigious GSMA 100 last month the highlight. With this on board Ron Victor, IoTium CEO (left), is in no mood to slow down. IoT News caught up with Victor at MWC Barcelona in the middle of a four-week run on the road covering various cities and continents. Victor took one look at the connectivity spiel spouted by many of the biggest exhibitors present – MWC being the big operators’ jamboree after all – and was aghast. It’s time for the telcos to wake up,” he said. “What am I doing [at MWC]? I’m pitching to them. They’re not connecting machines today. They’re all talking ‘5G, 5G’, but they’re talking 5G for a human. Talk 5G for a machine, for crying out loud – there are x billion humans but there are y billion machines. An...