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HPE Says Composable Infrastructure Is the Future of Data Center Tech

June 22, 2018 / Jessica Lyons

Composable infrastructure is the future of on-premises data center technology, according to Gary Thome, vice president and chief technologist for Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Software Defined and Cloud group.It’s also a key competitive differentiator for HPE and a major reason why the company will win the software-defined infrastructure wars, Thome added. Composable gives you an environment to reshape the infrastructure to match the needs of the workloads you are running on it,” he said in an interview with SDxCentral at this week’s HPE Discover event. “It’s also controlled via APIs. So with composable, the infrastructure all the way down to the hardware itself can be controlled via software. Composable infrastructure delivers fluid pools of networking, storage, and compute resources that can be composed and recomposed as needed. It’s kind of like hyper-hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). And, in fact, Thome said “hyperconverged is a stepping stone to full composability.