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HTC's Viveport Video service will work on rival VR headsets

April 05, 2019 / Mariella Moon

HTC has introduced a virtual reality video platform of its own on Vive'sthird birthday, and it will even work on its competitors' headsets. The new service called Viveport Video will give you access to a library of not just 180- and 360-degree videos, but also 2D ones, in a native VR environment. It's now available as a free download on Viveport and Steam, and it will soon be out on the Oculus store. HTC says Viveport Video is compatible with both PC VR and Vive Wave headsets -- in other words, it'll work not just on PC-powered devices like the original Vive and the Rift, but also on HTC's standalone Vive Focusthat's powered by the Wave platform. While the application is not exclusive to HTC-branded devices, you'll get access to premium content on top of its free videos if you have a Viveport Infinity subscription. A membership will set you back $13 a month or $99 a year for unlimited access to apps and games.