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Huawei moves into Russian cloud market with third-party data centre support

March 06, 2019 / Clare Hopping

Huawei has extended its reach across Eurasia, renting 500 racks in data centres across Russia to localise their services for the market. The racks are residing in facilities owned by 3Data, IXcellerate and DataPro, according to Russian news site Kommersant.Russia has pretty extreme data sovereignty laws, stipulating that any information held by Russian companies must be stored within the country and this meant companies such as Huawei couldn’t really serve customers in the country.Huawei supposedly wants to use its latest rentals to support a range of its services, including enabling Russians to make use of its Huawei Pay payment system and the development of services for third parties.Although it already has some space in data centres in the country, this is a significant step forward for Huawei. The company apparently started moving some of its infrastructure into Russia last year, with 80 racks already in use, but this is a major step forward. At the end of last year, Kommersant sai...