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Huawei, Oracle Infuse AI in the Cloud

March 19, 2019 / Matt Kapko

Huawei and Oracle today announced separate plans for infusing artificial intelligence (AI) into their cloud-based platforms and applications. The advancements follow a widespread market trend that looks to incorporate more intelligence and capabilities in the cloud for enterprises. It also emboldens the position of cloud providers that are eager to find new ways to compete.“AI and machine learning work best when you have lots of data … and of course a good place to store all of your data is in the cloud,” said Blair Hanley Frank, analyst at ISG. “When you think about customers with large amounts of data in the cloud, one of the best ways to add value to that is to add an intelligent layer over top that can reason over that significant volume of data. Most cloud providers have also reached a level of maturity that requires competitive gains to be earned on features that go beyond basic services, Frank added. “By developing different and more advanced AI capabilities, that’s how these ma...