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Hybrid Cloud, Data Control Concerns and the Booming Edge: What to Expect

January 17, 2019 / Scott Crenshaw

Check out these 2019 predictions from Scott Crenshaw, EVP and GM Private Clouds, Rackspace, on what 2019 has in store for hybrid cloud, data control, edge computing, and IBM post-Red Hat acquisition. Moving to private and public clouds typically saves 20 to 40 percent on infrastructure costs, but this is a one-time benefit. Now, CIOs are beginning to realize that if their applications are locked into one cloud vendor, they will be at the mercy of that vendor when their current pricing contracts expire, driving cost increases of as much as 30 percent.Forward-thinking CIOs recognize that to gain the advantage in pricing negotiations, they need to demonstrate low switching costs to their vendors. The result will be greater freedom and leverage, putting customers in control of their journey forward, rather than cloud vendors.