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Industry Watch: A sobering look at cloud

March 08, 2019 / David Rubinstein

The advantages of cloud computing have been talked about for years in the pages of this magazine. Yes, massive scaling, redundancy and data availability are benefits, but the primary driver has always been cost. Companies were told they could abandon their data centers — or significantly reduce them — and move their applications to the cloud, while cloud providers provided the infrastructure at a fraction of what running a data center costs.Along with touting cloud benefits, vendors also used fear-mongering to move companies to the cloud, after using the same tactics to move companies to Agile, then DevOps; saying a company’s competitors will drive them out of business if they don’t complete this digital transformation, and fast. Full disclosure: SD Times likely oversold this, along with tech media as a whole, as a must-have for survival. But now, years into cloud computing, many organizations are coming out from the ether and taking a more sober look at cloud computing. And many are g...