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Intel Showcases AI Strategy for 5G, Intelligent Edge

January 08, 2020 / Matt Kapko

Intel’s presentation at CES 2020 set the stage for its strategy around three emerging technologies — 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), and the intelligent edge. And it focused on how it plans to use AI to process, store, and move data around networks with more efficiency and insights. “These technologies are not standalone technologies, they’re actually reinforcing,” Intel CEO Bob Swan said.“5G is enabling intelligent devices, but intelligent devices are putting challenges on developing the technologies for AI and for 5G, so they’re not independent technology inflections,” he said. “The challenge and our role is to fuel silicon technology and software at the core of each and every one of these technologies.” Intel expects connected devices will create 175 zettabytes of data by 2025, growing at an annual growth rate of 25% for at least the next five years.