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Is VMware, Inc. (VMW) Worth Adding to Your Portfolio?

July 08, 2019 / Arshely Montana

Rowe Zane, Chief Financial Officer & EVP, subtracted 22,579 shares of VMware, Inc. (VMW) from its portfolio at the rate of $175.21 per share valuing $3,956,075 on Jun 13. The insider left behind 157,603 shares of the company to its portfolio. Before making a move on any particular stock, readers often pay close attention to support and resistance markers. The last reported price for shares of VMware, Inc. (VMW) was $169.18. Currently, the 1st Resistance Point for this stock is $170.43, with a 2nd Resistance Point sitting at $171.68. Meanwhile, this company’s stock has a 1st Support Level at $167.48 and a 2nd Support Level at $165.78. VMware, Inc. (VMW) stock has gained -$2.48, or 1.18%, in the past five days. In the last full month, these shares have lost -$1.17, or -0.69%. In the past three months, this stock’s price has fallen by -$16.61, or -8.94%. This year-to-date, VMware, Inc. (VMW) shares have gained $32.05, or 23.37%.