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Juniper Drives Kubernetes Into the Networking Conversation

March 14, 2020 / Sydney Sawaya

Juniper wants to help enterprises adopt container and Kubernetes technologies. There’s just one problem: containers still aren’t part of the conversation for most network companies. Scott Sneddon, senior director and evangelist for cloud at Juniper, told SDxCentral that the vendor has a twofold strategy to address multiple orchestration and enterprise challenges in Kubernetes as telecommunication architectures migrate into the cloud-native space. He explained that multi-cloud doesn’t necessarily mean multiple public clouds, but a mix of VMware infrastructure, bare metal assets, or OpenStack components.“Supporting Kubernetes is really important for that vision in that we expect that a lot of our customers, especially our enterprise customers, are going to be trying to tackle that multiple orchestrator challenge,” Sneddon said. “If we can bring some level of consistency and simplicity in that environment, we think we can add some value and have a benefit.