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Kubernetes is your future, because your suppliers want you there

September 11, 2019 / Simon Sharwood

At its VMworld conference two weeks ago, VMware’s big news was “Project Pacific”, a plan to fully integrate container and infrastructure orchestration tool Kubernetes with its core server virtualisation and hybrid cloud management suite vSphere.vSphere is a staple of enterprise IT so Project Pacific matters.But not just for the reason that VMware recited most often, namely that developers are all-but-defaulting to containers, software is critical to business today and nobody dares do anything that makes developers less productive. That all means you’ll need to manage Kubernetes sooner rather than later. VMware has built its business knocking down silos of tightly-coupled applications and hardware, so it’s natural the company is offering one tool to manage infrastructure for both containers and the virtual machines that you know, love, and won’t be able to toss out any time soon (but which totally aren’t legacy tech).