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Lenovo Puts Spotlight on Its Edge Computing, IoT Efforts

February 26, 2019 / Jeffrey Burt

Lenovo officials are putting the company’s edge computing and internet of things portfolio on display this week at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona, Spain, including unveiling a new small form-factor ThinkServer system designed to bring processing and storage capabilities closer to where data is increasingly being created.At the same time, the system OEM is showing off some of the fruits of partnerships with such vendors as VMware, Scale Computing, Pivot3 and Orange around edge computing, smart cities and other IoT areas for both enterprises and telecommunications companies. The presence at the MWC event in Barcelona illustrates Lenovo’s efforts in a fast-growing part of the industry as the idea of what a data center is continues to morph, stretching beyond a company’s traditional firewalls out to the cloud and the edge. Edge computing is loosely defined as occupying the space closest to the rapidly increasing number of intelligent, connected devices hooking into the network...