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Make AI Boring: The Road from Experimental to Practical

March 04, 2019 / Hilary Mason

When you see headlines about artificial intelligence and machine learning they too often focus on the excitement of the technology, fueling hype and mystery versus understanding of the technical reality of what’s actually possible. On the other hand, imagine if every time we talked about a mobile app, we mentioned that it runs on a cellular network! Of course you can’t - that would be boring because the cellular network is so embedded and indispensable, we take it for granted.It’s time to make AI boring. We need to stop spending so much effort talking about algorithms and instead focus on the outcomes of the AI systems that we’re building. Let’s make AI boring --practical, repeatable and scalable -- to drive real business results.We’re witnessing the industrialization of AI. As these capabilities move from labs and prototypes to scaled production systems, and as organizations become capable of rapidly experimenting and iterating, we’re beginning to see tremendous value being driven. Th...