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Meta Networks Expands NaaS Software-Defined Perimeter

February 27, 2019 / Carl Weinschenk

Meta Networks upgraded its network-as-a-service software-defined perimeter platform with extensions to its core security, management, and usability elements.The software-defined perimeter category is hot. It is based on a “zero trust” philosophy in which access is allowed only when the visiting party proves that they are who they say they, meet policy requirements, and are entitled to the application or database to which they are requesting access. Access also is narrow — visitors are denied lateral movement within the network. Security: Meta has enhanced its behavioral alerts and notifications and added continual posture checks on user devices. A “web recording” feature generates complete audit logs during client-less web application access sessions.Management: The company added the ability for administrators to tag network elements to create dynamic heterogeneous groups under any chosen set of policies. Meta Networks also added system for cross-domain identity management (SCIM) suppo...