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New 'Managed Databases' Service Available from DigitalOcean

February 14, 2019 / Wendy A Hernandez

As its Valentine's Day gift to its developer community, today DigitalOcean LLC launched its new Managed Databases for PostgreSQL offering, with additional database engines expected to be released throughout the year.The company says the service will "allow developers to create fully managed database instances in the cloud quickly and efficiently," and aims to eliminate the administrative hassle that developers currently face of setting up, monitoring and maintaining databases in the cloud. Our product development is driven by one vital question: How do we empower developers to do more valuable work in less time?," said DigitalOcean's ice President of Product Shiven Ramji in a prepared statement. "With Managed Databases, developers and their teams can focus on creating meaningful applications and sharing them with their communities, without the headache of having to manage the database infrastructure that enables the process. We do this all with an intuitive interface, full API support,...