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Nexon Computer Museum to Hold the Fourth VR Content Contest

June 24, 2019 / NA

Ncm open call is an exhibit to discover and support virtual reality content creators. this years keyword x reality encompasses all kinds of virtualization including vr, ar, mr, and more. it also implies extended reality, which broadens the perspectives of reality, and cross reality, which overlaps the real and virtual world. the unpredictable x signifies ncm open calls pursuit towards embracing various kinds of innovative and challenging interpretations of virtualization.there is no limitation in platform, genre, or theme if it is an xr content, and anyone can apply regardless of their nationality, age, gender, or field experience. if there are a demonstration video and a playable build file that explicitly shows the core intent of the work, projects still under development are also received. applications will be received from july 1st until august 31st, and the winners will be announced on october 25th.