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Nokia Dives Into New Market Verticals With WING IoT Platform

February 12, 2019 / Ali Longwell

Nokia launched four new off-the-shelf IoT packages built on its WING architecture and designed to serve new vertical markets. The as-a-service IoT offerings will serve new use cases in the agriculture, livestock management, logistics, and asset management markets.The operator debuted its WING architecture, or Worldwide IoT Network Grid, at the 2017 MWC event. WING is a platform that is intended to help enterprises manage connectivity across a number of networks, streamline billing, and provide customer care.The platform is intended to be used alongside Nokia’s other IoT products – including its Impact platform – as a managed IoT service that can provide connectivity between cellular and non-cellular networks. This includes satellite and low-power wide area networks. Nokia also offers WING as a white-label, fully managed service for operators to brand and sell to their customers.