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Opening Up The Edge: Why Agnostic Cloud Software Is The Key To Edge Computing

February 25, 2019 / Charles Towers-Clark

The rising value of data has changed the business landscape forever, and companies have migrated en masse to the (theoretical) unlimited capacity of the cloud. As IoT devices have started to pump more data through networks and into the cloud, connected enterprises are managing their operations in data centers as well as using computational ability closer to the data source.The rise of edge computing has made this possible, enabling companies to reduce the amount of data sent over the airwaves by qualifying data and assigning automated tasks at the source. But in the rush to adopt cutting-edge technology, businesses may be heading into a situation whereby their operational data is tied to proprietary systems and ‘owned’ by a single party end-to-end. These proprietary systems may restrict companies’ ability to adapt to future developments, and business leaders are beginning to see that the open flow of data is a vital part of an IoT that works for everyone.