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Organisations looking to get best of breed and guaranteed app availability with ‘true’ multi-cloud

March 27, 2019 / James Bourne

Multi-cloud is rapidly becoming the de facto deployment model for organisations of all sizes – and a new report from hybrid cloud software provider Turbonomic has found that the vast majority of respondents ‘expect workloads to move freely across clouds.’The study, the company’s 2019 State of Multicloud Survey which polled almost 850 respondent across multiple IT functions, found the key drivers for ‘true’ multi-cloud elasticity were a desire to leverage best-of-breed cloud services and guaranteed application availability.Of those services, Amazon Web Services, cited by 55% of respondents, and Microsoft Azure (52%) held the clear advantage. 45% of those polled said they still used private cloud of some sort, while Google (22%) and IBM (8%) trailed. “Choice is not only critical in terms of the freedom to choose the best services for their business, but it’s also about leverage,” the report explained. “Clouds must compete, which ultimately drives the industry as a while forward with the ...