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Overview: More than 80% of Enterprises Will Adopt Cloud Computing Strategies In 2020

March 20, 2019 / The Future of thing

According to a survey conducted by LogicMonitor, enterprises will run their workloads on public and private cloud-based platforms, as well as on hybrid cloud platforms which are still under development. The most important insights from this survey show that more than 40% of enterprises will move their workloads on public cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS, IBM Cloud or Microsoft Azure by the year 2020. 20% of enterprises will choose private cloud platforms instead, which seem to grow rapidly in popularity. Another 20% will opt for hybrid cloud platforms. A total of approximately 80% of enterprises will turn their attention to using cloud technology.The sole reason why the rest of the enterprises don’t adopt a cloud computing strategy is cybersecurity. Cloud developers and service providers currently work on strengthening their platforms in terms of security. Making such upgrades take time, so 2020 seems to be the best year to adopt cloud computing strategies. After 2020, a change in pr...