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Pentagon Embarks on 5G Without Huawei

March 26, 2019 / Matt Kapko

The U.S. military is preparing for 5G. A Pentagon official this week detailed plans to experiment with 5G technologies and, as expected, Huawei will play no part in that effort.Ellen Lord, the Department of Defense’s under secretary for acquisition and sustainment, said the Pentagon is in discussions with Ericsson and Nokia to provide equipment for its 5G network, according to Reuters.“5G is a national security issue for us, especially because we have to rethink our industry base as we move forward,” she said at an Atlantic Council event, according to Defense One. “Economic security is national security and we need to make sure we have an industrial base that can play.”The Pentagon is planning for a series of experiments later this year to learn more about propagation, latency, interference, and the equipment necessary to power 5G, Lord said. The Department of Defense also intends to develop proprietary technology to extend the capabilities of 5G for military communications, data analy...