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SAP wants to power the next generation of IoT

February 27, 2019 / Anthony Spadafora

At MWC 2019, SAP unveiled SAP Leonardo Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities to help drive digital transformation for the industrial IoT and Industry 4.0.The company also announced the cloud-to-cloud interoperability of SAP Leonardo IoT with Microsoft Azure IoT Hub to provide customers more choices when it comes to connectivity and device management.SAP is uniquely positioned to bring IoT data and business processes together and SAP Leonardo IoT will help customers increase productivity, redefine their customer experience and grow their revenue streams. The company's IoT solution will also enable customers to embed IoT into line-of-business (LoB) solutions and enhance their business applications with IoT technology. Senior Vice President and Global Head of IoT at SAP, Elvira Wallis explained how committed the company is to IoT technology, saying: “SAP delivers valuable insight and drives business results by embedding IoT data into business processes. With the launch of SAP Leonardo IoT...