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Save on licensing with a multi-hypervisor environment

June 27, 2019 / Brian Kirsch

A multi-hypervisor setup can help mitigate costs over time, but the complexity of implementing a multi-hypervisor environment can seem like a big hurdle to overcome. For many admins who have exclusively relied on VMwares products, moving workloads to Hyper-V might be daunting. But, by splitting workloads up, admins can realize significant cost savings and continue to grow their environments. VMwares ESXi hypervisor is seen as a mature and feature-rich product, but it comes at a high price point. Hyper-Vs feature set although not as mature and extensive as VMwares has come a long way, and its less expensive. This presents two hypervisor levels one more suited for high-end workloads and one equipped for middle-tier workloads.