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Small Cell Forum Sees API Dev Progress for 5G Interoperability

March 01, 2019 / Matt Hamblen

The Small Cell Forum announced “significant progress” in the development of two APIs to push interoperability between chips, equipment, and networks of different 5G vendors. The APIs “will transform the economics of deploying wireless networks and enable a competitive and innovative ecosystem” on a global scale, the organization explained.One of the APIs will extend an original Small Cell Forum specification already being used in small cell chips and equipment to allow interoperability between 3G, 4G, or 5G physical layer and higher layer software. That work is led by Intel and Qualcomm.The other API will focus on 5G networks to specify an interface between remote and centralized units of a 5G base station. It will apply to both indoor and outdoor 5G split radio access network (RAN)/small cell network (SCN) architectures, which will be important for dense yet cost-efficient deployments.