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Step by step, how enterprises should embark on the journey to the cloud

January 18, 2019 / JAMES KOBIELUS

Cloud computing has become the principal paradigm for enterprise applications. As businesses modernize their computing and networking architectures, cloud-native architectures are the principal target environments. As a result, enterprise deployment of all-encompassing cloud computing is accelerating. Many enterprises have embarked on a journey to computing in and across a multiplicity of clouds. These are the chief steps on this journey. The first step on the cloud journey is to identify the chief use cases that your enterprise plans to address and the benefits to be realized. Chief among these is the ability to field a full information technology environment without the need for capital expenditures, maintenance of an on-premises data center or in-house technical staff. Other benefits of cloud computing include on-demand self-service provisioning of applications, compute, storage and other IT resources. These resources can be made available over the network and accessible through sta...