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Symantec Adds AWS, Microsoft, IBM Security Integrations

March 01, 2019 / Carl Weinschenk

Symantec added new integrations with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, IBM, and dozens of other companies and their security tools to its platform this week. The sophistication of cyber threats, the complexity of modern networks, and the cost of security led Symantec to build out its platform and embrace this federated approach.Symantec said that 120 organizations now are members of the Technology Integration Partner Program — 30 more than at the time of the last update — and can access the Integrated Cyber Defense (IDC) platform. It also expanded the platform’s capabilities, created an “Innovation Playground” for startups, and updated its data loss protection product.A dense array of disconnected products isn’t the best way to face down powerful and well-coordinated attacks in a decentralized and multi-cloud world. “During the last couple of years we saw this coming,” Symantec VP of business development Peter Doggart told SDxCentral. “We thought what is needed is a platform-orient...