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The winds of change are blowing through your new hyperconverged network: StarWind

April 09, 2019 / StarWind

Management of modern IT systems means a good deal of juggling, and a certain amount of the wearing of several hats. Most companies are using public cloud services to some extent, from simple offsite data replication through to running key applications in AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle Cloud, and so forth. There’s usually a decent wedge of legacy on-prem apps and services too, plus if you’re lucky enough to work in a dynamic and expanding business there will be some branch offices, remote installations or edge deployments, as well. On top of that, you might be using some more specialist services, like a CDN, or a block storage specialist. But whatever the topology, every IT Manager knows in his or her heart of hearts: things aren’t going to be getting any easier or less complex to manage. Virtualization is nothing new, of course: even if your company isn’t using an SD-WAN or racks of virtual machines, the services you use remotely indubitably do. Hyperconvergence, or the abstraction of enti...