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Virtualization Can Mine New Revenues From Gateways & Modems, Startup Says

February 20, 2019 / JEFF BAUMGARTNER

With respect to broadband, cable operators and other ISPs have long hung their hats on speeds and pricing to drive that business.Although broadband remains a critical, high-margin business element for service providers, the ability to grow those revenues long term will be hampered as the broadband market becomes increasingly saturated.As Israel-based startup Inango views it, the next phase in the evolution of the broadband business for service providers is to layer on additional, revenue-driving apps and services spanning anti-virus software, cloud storage, WiFi management and diagnostics, and IoT security. While most of those are available to consumers as separate, retail products, ISPs now have the opportunity to sell and distribute those products themselves via millions of their own managed in-home devices.