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VMware introduces Service-defined Firewall

March 07, 2019 / CRN Team

VMware has launched the new VMware Service-defined Firewall that reduces the attack surface for on-premises and cloud environments. Through the capabilities of VMware NSX and VMware AppDefense, the VMware Service-defined Firewall combines application visibility and understanding of known good application behaviour with intelligent, automated and adaptive firewalling capabilities to help better protect apps, data and users.“Intrinsic security is different than integrated security. Integrated security repackages existing solutions, such as taking a traditional firewall and making it a blade in a data center switch. It doesn’t fundamentally change the firewall. Intrinsic security takes advantage of the unique attributes that are built in to the virtualisation platform, allowing us to create very new and unique security services. The new VMware Service-defined Firewall is focused on internal network firewalling and changes the game by validating known good application behaviour, rather tha...