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VMware Leads Healthy SD-WAN Pack as Market Surges

July 15, 2019 / Dan Meyer

VMware continues to lead IHS Markit’s SD-based data reports, with the latest being a sizable advantage over rival Cisco in SD-WAN revenues during the first quarter of this year. That news is even better for VMware as the report found the SD-WAN market itself also posted a comfortable 8% increase during the quarter.The IHS report found that VMware controlled 20.3% of the SD-WAN revenue generated during this year’s opening quarter. Cisco controlled 13.1% of the market, while Aryaka was a close No. 3 with 11.6% of the market. That revenue includes service revenues, and sales of appliance control and management software.VMware’s number was a slight sequential increase compared with the 20% it controlled during the fourth quarter of 2018. Cisco’s number was down slightly from 13.3%, and Aryaka was up slightly from 11.3%.