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VMware, Microsoft Cozy Up in Hybrid Clouds

February 27, 2019 / Channelnomics Staff

The next big partnership in hybrid cloud computing? VMware and Microsoft. The two companies will create new solutions that provide businesses with options other than AWS. The collaboration might be just the right catalyst to help Microsoft close the cloud market gap with AWS.The Lowdown: VMware is already a big AWS partner, providing software to the cloud computing giant that enables one of its hybrid computing options. VMware and Microsoft are reportedly working on a similar relationship, in which VMware will supply virtualization software that will enable businesses to implement hybrid computing systems in the Microsoft Azure cloud.The Details: Hybrid computing enables business to have seamless integration with public cloud resources while maintaining local operations and control in their own data centers. Just how Microsoft and VMware’s collaboration will lead to a new hybrid cloud service is unknown, as neither company is talking specifics. They’re only teasing the development of...