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VMWare NSX – network virtualization as VMware’s secret weapon?

September 06, 2018 / Kurt Marko

VMware might soon have to change its name: not by virtue of being a division of Dell Technologies, but because the name no longer fits its sprawling strategy and solution portfolio. VMWare NSX perhaps? For a company whose moniker is a mashup of virtual machines and software, VMs are becoming less and less important, while other virtualization and infrastructure management software grow in significance. As I detailed in my last column, VMware is building a multi-cloud infrastructure abstraction layer that insulates users and applications from the idiosyncrasies of the various services. The glue that binds these cloud services, enterprise data centers and branch office devices into a cohesive system is networking, in particular, a growing portfolio built atop VMware’s NSX virtual network technology. NSX was initially seen as a means of managing the virtual networks of enterprise VMs and connecting their virtual switches into a physical data center network, however, the technology’s capab...