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Wachter Saves $200K Annually With MNJ Technologies’ Managed SD-WAN

March 21, 2019 / Ali Longwell

After about 10 years with MPLS, Wachter, an electrical contractor and technology integrator, was bogged down by costs and periodic site outages due to a lack of redundancy. Which is why, when its MPLS contract came up for renewal, it sought something different to connect its employees and sites.Wachter ended up switching to a Silver Peak-based SD-WAN service from IT services company MNJ Technologies. MNJ designed, implemented, and monitored the managed SD-WAN service for the contractor.Carl Shriver, the IT operations manager at Wachter, said that cost, avoiding outages, and having agility for making local connections were the main drivers for converting to SD-WAN.“I think there are still companies out there that want to stick with an MPLS, and spend the money, and not have to worry about it. And kudos to you, but for the smaller, more agile companies that want to save money and keep things simple, this is definitely the route to go,” he said.Original estimates put the cost savings at a...