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Why businesses should keep their head in the clouds if they want to succeed

February 12, 2019 / Chris Martin

EU adoption of cloud computing increased to 26% in 2018, up from just 18% from four years prior, according to new research published by Eurostat. However, while the majority of EU businesses are utilising cloud services for emails and file storage, fewer are embracing more advances cloud-based business applications like accounting software, ERP, CRM data analytics, or team productivity tools.For business leaders, cloud computing represents an opportunity to improve business flexibility and facilitate increased growth by providing elastic, on demand access to core business applications, key analytics platforms and collaboration tools. While third-party cloud services are often associated with reduce capital cost, including fewer FTE’s compared to traditional locally hosted infrastructures or privately hosted cloud servers, the price of this flexibility may incur some additional operating costs. However, often these additional costs are justifiable for reducing complexity and increasing ...