5 ways to improve onboarding with VR

With hiring goals at the top of every company’s priority list, it has never been more critical to have a world-class onboarding experience. New hires need to be engaged right from the start so that they’ll learn quickly and perform at a high level. Through dozens of VR platform implementations with companies like Sprouts, Verizon, and Walmart, Strivr has found that engagement and performance are at their peak when Virtual Reality is part of the onboarding process.

Watch the on-demand webinar for an interactive discussion where we’ll share the five ways that you can quickly reshape your onboarding experience with a VR platform. These recommendations come from our work with the most successful companies, who have boosted usage rates, trained faster, improved skill proficiency, and scaled company culture with the added element of immersive learning.
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How Virtualization Unlocks Your Access Network Potential

Cable operators are facing accelerating demand for next-gen broadband services. Virtualization and distributed access are proving to be critical to more easily meet evolving bandwidth requirements and facilitate long-term business health. This webinar, hosted by Harmonic's industry-recognized expert, will provide you the insights you need to evolve your access network and deliver superior subscriber experience today.
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Engage Students with Special Needs in Computer Science and Math Using AR/VR

Each state is beginning to adopt standards for computer science and digital fluency. Have you considered the implication for your students with special needs? We’d like to partner with you to get ahead of the curve and look at the opportunity that these standards provide through the lens of special education.
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Azure Windows Virtual Desktop

If you have looked at virtual desktop solutions in the past, prepare to be wowed when you see how Microsoft has streamlined the deployment and management of Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure in ways that make it a cost-effective and secure solution for your end-users and applications. In this exclusive on-demand webinar, we walk you through common Windows Virtual Desktop use cases, key design principles, and management and security benefits. Register now to instantly watch this information-packed webinar and download the slide deck.
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Service Virtualization: Unlock the Power of Data Driven Virtual Services

Service Virtualization is a powerful testing tool that lets you simulate data and performance characteristics to mimic your APIs or other applications. Join Broadcom Software, Service Virtualization leaders - Andrew Gates and Beverly Mindle - as they share how data driven virtual services can simplify your environment and support your testing needs.
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