Azure Virtual Desktop: Delivering Remote Access-as-a-Service in a Quick, Secure, and Easily Managed Solution

Virtual Desktop
Are you using Remote Desktop Services or Citrix? If so, you need to be looking at Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD).

Additionally, if you offer traditional VPN remote access, Azure Virtual Desktop can be a more secure alternative that you should consider.

In this on-demand webinar, Interlink, one of the first Microsoft Partners in the country to achieve the Azure Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialization, walk you through common Azure Virtual Desktop use cases, key design principles, and management and security benefits.

Powered by the Azure Platform, AVD is a powerful new technology that enables organizations to provide desktop-as-a-service to end-users. Microsoft has streamlined the deployment and management of Azure Virtual Desktop in ways that make it a cost-effective and secure solution for your end-users and applications.
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Lenovo is a GOLD sponsor at #VMwareExplore 2023 Singapore! Uma Thana Balasingam and Sumir Bhatia sat down to discuss VMware and Lenovo’s long-standing partnership and their excitement of helping customers transform from the edge to the cloud!


Multi-Cloud Strategy and High Value Workloads: VMware Software and Dell EMC Converged Infrastructure Systems


Developing a cloud strategy is a top issue for infrastructure and operations leaders. But success isn’t about choosing between private or public clouds, it’s about simultaneously leveraging both. To thrive in this multi-cloud world, you can adopt new hybrid cloud solutions for a common operating model across these diverse environments. This will yield all the practical benefits of cloud, while assuring that every workload, especially high-value mission critical workloads, get the specific services they need.
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Combat Zombie VMs and Reduce VM Sprawl in Your Datacenter

5 Nine

Inability to control VM growth in your datacenter due to VM sprawl can result in security vulnerabilities, performance bottlenecks and potential revenue loss. And without the right combination of tools, techniques, and know-how, Zombie VMs virtual machines that were previously created for a specific purpose but presently do not have a clear-cut utility) could potentially hurt your entire infrastructure.
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From VPN to VPN-less: Modernizing Secure Remote Access

The last 18 months have seen an exponential growth in remote work, forcing many organizations to accelerate their secure remote access strategy. Many have relied exclusively on VPNs to enable employee access to corporate resources.
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Remote Access & VPN Risks in the New Cybersecurity Scenario

With most employees working from home amid today’s COVID-19 outbreak, VPN and remote access to enterprise resources have drastically increased. This is a huge challenge for the IT and security departments as many security experts believe that the current VPN deployments are designed for a small percentage of employees of the organizations and not for the overwhelming number of teleworkers who now need to access them repeatedly throughout the workday.
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