Desktop Virtualization: Delivering a Powerful Employee Experience, From Strategy to Production

Explore how Nexthink’s Desktop Virtualization initiative can empower IT teams with the control, visibility and actionable insight needed to successfully manage their virtualization lifecycle. By correlating technical metrics with employee sentiment data, Nexthink provides employee-centric visibility to measure, manage and improve employees’ virtualization experience.
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Onsite host Joe Zollo asks VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram and President Sumit Dhawan to break down the news coming out of VMware Explore Las Vegas.




This introductory session is for anyone considering VMware Cloud on AWS, the relatively new cloud platform released by VMware .In this on-demand webinar, expert speakers from VMware and Faction cover high-level business topics, such as dominant use cases, economics and pricing, and purchasing vehicles.
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Virtualizing and Testing with macOS

Have you ever rolled out a full OS or even a simple policy update to your managed devices, only to find it breaks something else in the environment? If you had just tested it properly, you might have saved the headaches that followed. Testing with macOS is extremely challenging, almost impossible in some cases, and tends to be time consuming and costly, so what should you do?
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How to optimise your virtual environment

This webinar covers: How to deploy a new virtual machine The best place to deploy a new application in your environment Ways to resolve application problems quickly Easy steps to ensure compliance How to forecast for the future
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Modernizing the Infrastructure with VMware and NVIDIA

In order to support the company digital transformation, we need a new infrastructure to support these, which includes cloud-native, GPU-optimized containers, models, and industry-ready software development kits. Combining the above results is an Al-ready platform that can execute all enterprise applications such as virtual machines, containers, Kubernetes and Al, and a set of jobs, tools and processes for all applications to greatly expand Al range of applications while simplifying work.
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