How VMware NSX fits into VCF and the common reasons for adoption

VMware NSX
NSX-T can enhance and simplify the data centre environment with network virtualisation, as well as deliver immediate benefits to the business workload level to prevent the lateral spread of threats, and, due to its true cloud hybridity, security rules follow applications and workloads even across multi-cloud environments.
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Future of Virtualization Webinar Series: Benchmarking the State of Virtualization

The Future of Virtualization project is an effort backed by the world's most important communications technology suppliers to create and deliver a single authoritative source for the entire virtualization ecosystem. This webinar will focus on the three indexes developed for the Future of Virtualization initiative – the Virtualized Deployment Index, the Virtualized Planning Index and the Virtualized Spending Index.
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5G and Ultra Dense Networks

Urgent Communication

5G requires more sites than any previous wireless technology. This requires moving to a completely different design model, with hundreds of sites in a single neighborhood. Densifying the wireless network for 5G likely will mean locating sites in myriad interesting spots such as street lights, stop signs, trash cans and manhole covers. So how do we get ready? What are our options for sites, and how you get all those cells connected back to the network backbone?
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Breaching the External Network Security Perimeter

Network security device vendors have done a good job of preventing or minimizing external attacks on enterprise network infrastructure by adding a range of capabilities to their products, such as access control, IPS, VPN, DLP, antivirus, and other threat prevention measures.
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A new network, for the multi cloud era


Todays network model is posing significant challenges in a world where the average enterprise uses at least five public cloud services, increasingly uses containers as well as VMs and bare metal to run apps, and a common operational model seems elusive. NSX technology and VMwares Virtual Cloud Network vision are redefining what networking and security mean in the cloud era. In this webinar, find out how the latest release of NSX takes this to a whole new level, complete with demos from the experts.
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